Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Survivors Speak Out




Our survivors show will be airing this and every Friday evening, beginning at 7:00pm e.s.t. / 6:00 c.s.t / 5pm mst/ 4:00 p.s.t.!! We encourage all survivors of abuse to listen in with us. You can join in through this link, or please call (917)932-1132 to share your own personal story of survival. Your host, Tricia McKnight, along with co-host, Tracey Murphy are both here to listen, support your efforts, and inspire you to gain your own peace within.
Remember these stats: A child is abused every 10 seconds; 1 in 3 women; 1 in 6 men
We all know someone who has either been abused or is now living in an abusive situation! It could be; a best friend, co-worker, mom, dad, sister, brother, niece, nephew, aunt, uncle, cousin, sister in-law, brother in-law. Most of these people will hide their abuse; afraid to speak out because of the shame that is attached to these crimes. Society is changing, but it is still the norm to pitty or consider someone as "damaged" because of this abuse. The truth is that these survivors are strong beyond the imagination. If you look at the depth of what they have survived, the crimes committed AGAINST THEM not by them, this is the true meaning of strength.
Tracey and I want to encourage the survivors to take this show and make it theirs. It is your time to share your amazing courage with everyone and allow them to see just how far you have come, despite the crimes against you. We want to inspire those who are still carrying these haunting secrets to gain your peace by sharing your story. The survivors who have chosen to speak out have found it relieving to finally be able to open up about what happened. We won't ask you to give your real name or where you live, but we do ask you to join in with us. It is time to take a deep breath and allow some of your story to finally be heard. We want to educate the world about what it is really like to be us.

Everyone deserves to be loved!
Everyone deserves to be happy!
Everyone deserves to be safe!